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Anthony Bills Jr., President & CEO, founded All Bright Superior Cleaning Inc. (ABSC) in 2013.  Determined to be a change agent in an industry that frequently sees inconsistency and high turnover, he built ABSC from the ground up with a culture of quality, innovation, and most importantly embracing that most valuable asset--his staff.  His proof of concept is evidenced in consecutive award winning services and a staff retention rate of 100%.

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My Story

A Harlem, New York native, Anthony “found himself” in the cleaning industry over 20 years ago. With an early start in sales, customer service, and acquisition, he transitioned into cleaning facility maintenance and with a laser focus began honing his crafts.

Truly understanding the needs of one’s clients means to not only listen, but to know what to look for, and to then being able to execute. The cleaning industry plays a key role in keeping our environments organized, sanitary, and safe—all while generating over $50B+ in estimated revenue annually.

With an admitted obsession about cleanliness, Anthony set out to surround himself with like minded individuals to not only provide a service but specialize in many different areas. After 22 years, with almost 10 of those years as an owner/operator, Anthony is committed to providing superior quality and unmatched customer service from his team of experts, which are his greatest asset. Award winning services year over year are proof of his dedication, consistency, and reliability.

Anthony describes himself as a hands on, heavy thinker that pays attention to detail. His projects have taken him throughout the southeast, and his clientele include national brands, landmark properties, municipal governments, as well as local businesses. Dedicated to empowering individuals, together with his team of diverse professionals, they create clean environments and happy customers one at a time. As a provider, his mission is to continue to grow, learn, and network with area and industry professionals.

Anthony enjoys reading, meditation, motorcycling (Slingshot), music, cooking, traveling, gardening, and family time. He strives to be the best version of himself every day, and to teach and provide opportunities for this generation and the next. He lives with his wife and two children in the metro Atlanta area.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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